Mischievous Monday Morning: Dell <3 Macs & ifoundyourcamera.net

Mischievous Monday Morning: Dell <3 Macs & ifoundyourcamera.net

There are countless examples of Microsoft ads featuring macs. Here is another one but from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. It looks like they love 12 inch iBook G4s too. Can’t blame them:

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Lost your camera? Find it back at ifoundyourcamera.net!

Last winter we went skiing and I brought my digital camera. We made some hilarious movies and a few photos that I would love to post here. But when we arrived back at the lodge the camera was gone. Lost somewhere between the top of the mountain and our lodge. We never found it.

But maybe someone did! It turns out that lots of people lose their cameras. In fact, so many people lose them that there is one website dedicated to found cameras and memory sticks. It has a strange voyeuristic quality to look at all these lost & found photos. New sets of orphan pictures are posted each Thursday. Here are a few:
Vacation in CologneUnknown
Happy FamilyNo, that is not me...

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