Scaling technology is hard. Scaling people? That’s even harder. ‘How to be an effective startup CEO’ is a 1.5-hour interactive online class by Bart Lorang. You will learn real-world practical advice about the challenges of scaling your company from 5 people to 50 people.

Bart Lorang is a proven entrepreneur, angel investor and strategic advisor. As CEO and co-founder of FullContact he has been featured by ABC, CNN, Forbes and FastCompany because of his simple and effective style. Bart will share his learnings and thoughts. For example, why they give their employees $7,500 to go on a paid vacation as long as they stay disconnected and don’t work while they’re away. He will talk about culture, managing up, managing down, hiring, firing and most importantly: learning to fire yourself.

Level: Beginner enthusiasts
Duration: 1.5 hours with enough room to ask your questions
Day & time: February 26 – 11am San Francisco time, 2pm New York time and 8pm Amsterdam time
Where: Online

Join Bart, get your questions answered and learn how to scale effectively.