Robert Scoble’s Google Glass unit was a major talking point at this year’s The Next Web Conference Europe. Whenever I saw him he was letting someone try it on, and it was surprising how many people were completely relaxed about it. The only negative response I saw was when an audience member told him “I don’t want you to look at me with your glasses” – a reaction we’re sure to see a lot more of as devices like this become more commonplace.

Scoble has published a review on Google+ about his first two week with the device and he also shared his thought about Glass with our own Paul Sawers in this interview that’s well worth a watch. Luckily it didn’t take place in a public bathroom.

Me? I tried Scoble’s Glass briefly but the battery ran out as soon as I put it on. I could write a review of the screen you see as it switches itself off but that wouldn’t be very interesting…

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