At the TNW conference here in Amsterdam, Robert Scoble sat with Andrew Keen to discuss the privacy implications of the Google Glass hardware project.

TNW’s early discussions of the Glass project strayed toward the lurid quickly, with one of our employees noting that the devices could be used to record sexual encounters, allowing partners to see the act through the eyes of their loved one.

Or, you know, for taking pictures of birds. The frank truth is that Glass has the potential to require our already-connected society to develop new norms for recording of the every day and the mundane. Such as hitting the bathroom for a break in between talks at a conference.

Say, the TNW event that is currently going on. Scoble has Glass, and loves to wear the device, and doesn’t remove the headset when entering public bathrooms. Insane, or quite reasonable? Let’s find out:

Top Image Credit: Antonio Zugaldia