The Next Web has been in Amsterdam at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) livestreaming interviews with leading thinkers on the future of how we consume media.

If you missed the livestreamed interviews, don’t worry, we have a selection of them here on the site so that you can catch up with the future of broadcasting with us.

Amimon is working on ways to change how producers create content using wireless connections. The company has created a way for film makers to monitor what’s happening in front of a camera while sitting some distance away. This changes how a studio or set can create material and it’s all down to the company’s innovative chip design.

Ram Ofir is the president and CEO of Amimon and he explained how video modem chips are getting both smaller and cheaper, enabling more people to create content more easily wherever they are.

Check out the video where we talk about the need for wireless connectivity in film making and more.

Our livestreaming came from Amsterdam via LiveU. You can find more of our video coverage and catch up with the future of broadcasting from IBC here.