Why Le Camping isn’t just another startup accelerator [Video]

Why Le Camping isn’t just another startup accelerator [Video]

It seems that you can’t blink without another startup accelerator launching in Europe these days. While most of them follow the same model of taking a small amount of equity in return for a small injection of cash and an intensive coaching program, France’s Le Camping is a little different.

Created by a non-profit organization, the Paris-based scheme doesn’t take shares in the startups it mentors. As such, it could be perhaps thought of as a ‘school for startups’. Another difference, at least in the French scene, is that all startups must speak English, helping prepare them for the international market.

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Le Camping is now in its second run of startups, and it brought the teams to LeWeb, adding an eye-catching jungle theme to its room. We caught up with Program Manager, Alice Zagury to find out more about this very different accelerator.

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