Seesmic office tour

Interview with Loic Le Meur part 1

Interview with Loic Le Meur part 2

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Last week I caught up with Loic Le Meur, Founder of LeWeb and Seesmic, the social management tool for enterprises that started off as a video chat platform and pivoted into a desktop client. The company recently raised $4million in funding from Salesforce and Softbank Holdings which also gives Seesmic access to Salesforce client base.

This brings Seesmic’s total funding to $16million. I asked Loic why he thinks Salesforce didn’t just buy Seesmic, what he is going to spend the money on, why Seesmic’s video platform didn’t work and was lucky to get a tour around the Seesmic office in San Francisco. Why were Loic’s kids embarrassed of him during the  days and why does he live in SF when he puts on a conference in Paris? Watch to find out!