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We all love the ease and speed of shopping online, but lets face it, shopping alone is boring, especially as you can’t ask your girlfriend ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ But as more and more of us shop online, can the fun of shopping with friends in real life be replicated on the net?

Que: DoTogether – a Facebook application running a mall inside Facebook. It aggregates brand’s products and allows consumers to share their choices with their social network and their influencers. Through the application you can shop at places like Macys, Zappos and Forever21 and share your choices with your friends, getting them to add their opinion or maybe suggest a better option.

How it works

When you are shopping on Facebook you can post a help request to the friends Facebook news feed, friends can then log into  the Amazon DoTogether Application, review what you have selected, comment on it and look for a camera they like and suggest to you as an alternative.

Fashion on Facebook is a growing sector of the industry with ASOS recently announcing a fully integrated store inside Facebook.

I caught up with CEOs and Co-founders Rahul Pandhe and Bhushan Khaladkar who told me more about how it works and their plans for the future.