The slimline PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) that’s already been on sale in Japan and the UK is today going on sale in the US as part of a special Borderlands 2 bundle available for just under $200.

While it keeps the same core experience as the previous generations of Vita handheld gaming consoles, the WiFi-only device has a thinner and lighter chassis than the older models.

The new Vita ‘Slim’ also includes 1GB of onboard storage out of the box, and there’s also an 8GB PS Vita memory card included as part of the bundle, which will come in handy for downloading that digital copy of Borderlands 2.


Offering the new hardware as part of a bundle that includes a much-beloved FPS/RPG hybrid is a smart move for a system lacking big-budget games at the moment. It’s not clear right now how long the new hardware will be offered exclusively as part of this bundle, or when it will go on sale as a standalone product. We’ll let you know when we get an official response from Sony.

Featured Image Credit – Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images