iPods Linked To Hearing Problems

Online music streaming service Rdio has inked a deal with US radio station operator Cumulus Media that will be announced today, which will give Rdio access to Cumulus’ programming content and see it being advertised across Cumulus’ 525 radio stations, the New York Times reports.

Cumulus will take a “significant equity stake” in Rdio’s parent company, Pulser Media, a move which will likely help Rdio compete better against rivals such as Spotify and Pandora, as the competition within the online music streaming market heats up.

Besides drawing on its content to create playlists for Rdio users, Cumulus will also be selling commercials for Rdio’s free, ad-supported version, which is expected by the end of the year, Cumulus CEO Lewis W. Dickey Jr. told the NYT in a joint interview with Rdio’s chief, Drew Larner.

It is an intriguing deal that will also give Cumulus an online outlet in the form of Rdio.

Online Music Service Rdio in Deal With Cumulus [New York Times]

Headline image: Ian Waldie via Getty Images