Amazon Just Cut The Kindle Price To Fight Nook Threat

Amazon Just Cut The Kindle Price To Fight Nook Threat

Quick Hit: In response to the story we brought you earlier today that the Nook had introduced a $149 WiFi only version of itself and had cut its 3G model’s price to $199, Amazon has lowered the price on the standard 3G Kindle to $189.

The new price is live and on Amazon’s website. You can see it here.

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With the 3G Kindle a mere $40 more costly than the WiFi Nook, Amazon is tossing its weight around to keep its current market dominance. If the respective companies are profitable at these price points remains to be seen.

Amazon cannot afford to lose money on both the books and the devices, so we can only hope that the hardware is cheap enough to allow Amazon to sell at this price long term. Now at $500 the cheapest iPad is long and far away the most expensive way to get into e-reading.

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