Google’s self-driving cars will get a steering wheel and pedals for testing in California

There was a lot of buzz when Google revealed prototypes of its self-driving cars in May, which come without a steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals. Now, however, new rules… Keep reading →

McDonald's China

McDonald’s big appetite for digital is revealed in plans for online music and mobile ordering

Google Chrome's logo is seen at Google's

Google brings its Chrome browser to Cuba as US trade restrictions ‘evolve’


HTC One (M8) for Windows Officially Launched in the US

Barcelona Cabs Strike Against Uber Taxi App

Uber Launches 'Corner Store' Delivery Service in Washington DC

Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins

eBay Reportedly In Talks to Accept Bitcoin at Braintree

Cultural Migration header

How Culture Expanded Around the World


General Assembly Offers Tech Sholarships in LA and SF

The Google logo is seen at the Google he

Google is Backing a $300 Million High-Speed Internet Cable