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Google Fiber for Small Business comes to Provo and expands across Kansas City

Google is bringing its low-cost Fiber Gigabit internet service to small businesses in Provo, Utah, and expanding it across Kansas City North and South today.

2947003269_5945ff5e6a_b_Apple by Jason Ralston

Ericsson sues Apple over patents, wants to block iPhone sales in the US


Net Neutrality wins! FCC votes to reclassify ISPs as Title II utilities


Facebook Is Adding a New Feature to Help with Suicide Prevention in the US

Google logo

Google Wants to Stop the US from Spying On PCs Worldwide


Did GCHQ Illegally Spy On You? Here's How You Can Find Out


Amazon Won't Be Delivering Packages by Drone Anytime Soon


You Can Now Unlock Your Phone and Switch Carriers in the US


Sling TV Now Accepting Sign-ups Without Invites