The BBC has today introduced a range of computing and coding-related shows, games and competitions for kids designed to help improve their understanding and enjoyment of the subjects.

BBC Children and BBC Learning hope that the new resources will help kids to become more involved in computer science, a desire shared by the UK government, which has introduced new coding and computer elements to England’s education curriculum.

The Beeb’s additional content coincides with the launch of this new curriculum this week, and incorporates different activities, aimed at primary and secondary school level children. For example, BBC Bitesize content includes study guides and quizzes and over 40 curriculum-mapped computing guides for using animation, graphics, video and interaction.

Other new content includes ‘Appsolute Genius’, which focuses on “geniuses whose ideas, creations and discoveries have shaped the world of coding, computer programming and gaming,” the Beeb said. It’s due to start airing in the autumn.

There’s also a new show called ‘Technobabble’, designed to give kids a glimpse into the technologies of the future, and a new series called ‘Nina And The Neurons: Go Digital’ aimed at younger CBeebies viewers.

Image credit: Getty Images