More than 12 months after its initial debut, the BBC today updated its iPlayer app for Windows Phone 8 with a long-awaited feature: Live TV.

It’s bizarre to think that this wasn’t available before, but starting today Lumia device owners can download the app and watch their favorite channels live over the internet. The latest version also includes an adaptive bitrate player, so video playback should remain buttery-smooth regardless of the viewer’s connection.

The BBC says its upgraded iPlayer app should be more stable than the previous version and work with a wider range of Windows Phone devices – although the company stopped short of detailing what any of the device requirements are.


In the negative column is the removal of radio content. The BBC says this was “a difficult decision” but has allowed it to focus on superior TV viewing and discovery. “I do appreciate that this leaves some without a way to enjoy radio content but we really believe that the experience of the new BBC iPlayer is a huge leap forward and worth taking now,” the broadcaster said.

The iPlayer Radio team is said to be working on a similar app, however, which we presume will be similar to the dedicated iOS and Android app.

➤ New BBC iPlayer comes to Windows Phone 8

Featured Image Credit – Getty Images