Hopster, the UK company on a mission to make educational videos and interactive learning more fun, has announced that its app is now compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

First launched about five months ago for the iPad, the company says its first app has been consistently rated in the top 20 apps for kids aged five or under. Its early success led to the company bringing forward today’s launch in order to expand the service to any device running the iOS operating system.

Alongside the new app launch, Hopster said it has also secured “a seven-figure” investment from UK backers, and that “TV’s coolest mum, Davina McCall”, can now be counted among them.hopster

The company said it had also been working hard on increasing its library of content and can now boast more than 700 episodes of kids shows. More to the point, the app is fully U-Rated by the BBFC to ensure that all the TV and game content is suitable for children.

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Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock