Music streaming app hits 1M registered users in the UK, will launch a Web player next month

Music streaming app hits 1M registered users in the UK, will launch a Web player next month now has one million people registered for its music streaming service in the UK. After launching on iOS in January 2013, followed by Android last September, the company has doubled its user base in the last four months.

While is only available in the UK at the moment, it offers a fresh take on the highly competitive music streaming space. A Pandora-style radio service is free of charge, while on-demand streaming similar to Spotify, Rdio and Beats Music is priced at 13.99 per month (£10 if you sign up on the Web).

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In between are two separate tiers, priced at £1.49 (£1 on the Web) and £6.99 (£5 on the Web), which expand the radio service with a limited number of downloads for offline playback. Similar to a ‘locker’ system, subscribers can swap out tracks whenever they like, provided they’re always under their quota.

“There’s a growing acceptance that £10 a month music services are too expensive for the vast majority of music fans and we’re the only company tackling this problem,” Oleg Fomenko, chief executive of said. “By giving everyone the best possible music experience and a choice of affordable prices we can get more people paying for music.” is now working on a Web app to accompany its music offerings. It’s currently in beta for a limited number of subscribers, but the startup plans to make it widely available next month. We’ll give you a full review when it’s ready.

Image Credit: ROLAND WEIHRAUCH/AFP/GettyImages

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