FRANCE-INTERNET-TECHNOLOGY-LEWEB12PayPal has switched the Pay At Table and Order Ahead features in its iOS app on in Europe, starting with the UK, as TechCrunch reports.

The services relate to the food and restaurant business, and were first announced in the US last year. They do pretty much what you’d expect by their names: Pay At Table checks users in to a location and handles payment for their meal at a restaurant…’at the table’, while Order Ahead lets customers to peruse a restaurant’s menu and order their food remotely, before coming to collect it and paying on pick-up.

Popular noodle restaurant Wagamama has signed up for both services, while Gourmet Burger Kitchen — a company that I personally love — and pizza restaurant Prezzo are early UK customers of Order Ahead. The services are also rolling out in Australia, and will expand to other parts of Europe soon.

➤ PayPal Expands Its In-App Pay At Table And Order Ahead Services In UK [TechCrunch]

Image via AFP/Getty Images