Virgin Media has announced that it will undertake another speed-boosting programme for its broadband customers in the UK in order to deliver higher download speeds and offer better value for money once the company has increased prices for their fixed line services.

According to a spokeswoman for the company, the new headline package will offer a 152Mbps headline download speed, but Virgin Media will continue to offer its 30, 60 and 120Mbps tiers too. Customers on these packages should see speed increases of “at least” 20Mbps. The average broadband speed in the UK according to Ofcom is currently a little under 15Mbps, but nearly 75 percent of the UK has access to 30Mbps connections or faster.

While the speed increases will likely be welcomed by customers, the average price increase of 6.7 percent across Virgin Media’s broadband, phone (fixed-line, but not mobile) and TV packages is unlikely to please many people. Customers will start to see increases in their bills from February, around the same time the speed boosts will be introduced, Virgin Media said.

Featured Image Credit – ANDREW COWIE/AFP/Getty Images