The BBC might have been busy handling all of the traffic and broadcasts for the Olympics over the past two weeks, but it has found the time to update its iPlayer app on iOS, adding Retina support, better playback, and other features to aid accessibility.

The broadcaster says it has improved the video performance of its app, increasing the quality of its streams, and has also added VoiceOver controls, which the BBC says makes it “even easier to enjoy BBC iPlayer’s fantastic content.”

This is particularly good news, especially after the BBC announced that it will keep every bit of Olympic footage available on iPlayer until January 2013.

Today’s update means that users will be able to watch their favourite events from the Games (and the rest of the BBC’s on-demand content) in better quality and with VoiceOver support, visually impaired users will be able to have listings, controls and on-screen prompts read back to them.

There’s also a number of bug fixes and performance tweaks, making the already stellar iPlayer app even better than it was before.

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