Kickstarter needs little introduction in many circles. The US-based crowdfunding platform has hit the headlines on a number of occasions in recent times, for some of the quirky and cool projects that have gained funding through it.

However, thus far, only US-based people have been able to launch projects and seek funding. Though to give money, you could be based anywhere. That looks like it is about to change from this autumn though, as the company has just announced in this tweet:

Good news for sure, and cash-strapped entrepreneurs and innovators in the UK will be keen to jump on board with the Kickstarter brand and try and get their ideas to market.

Perhaps one of the most high-profile projects to get off the ground thanks to Kickstarter was Pebble, a slick e-paper smartwatch that connects to iOS and Android devices. It broke all kinds of funding records, finally passing $10m in pledges in May, thanks to almost 70,000 backers. All watches have now been sold, but if nothing else, it proved the potential of crowdfunding as a means of getting great ideas off the ground.

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