It seems that O2, the UK’s second biggest mobile phone network, is down again in London.

6 O2 in the UK O2 on Twitter 1307699674244 520x85 O2 network down again in LondonThis follows another major down-time episode for the network last month, when vandals hit on an O2 site that affected voice, texts and 3G data (basically, anything you’d ever need from a mobile phone) in London and the South East.

O2’s official status checker makes no mention of the down-time in London yet, but it does state that recent faults may not show up yet:

O2 Service Status 1307699901058 520x162 O2 network down again in LondonUpdate:

An O2 spokesperson has commented below:

“At 10 o’clock this morning we identified a connectivity issue on our network which is affecting both 2G and 3G service in parts of East London, North London, Kent and East Sussex. Customers in these areas may be experiencing difficulty in making or receiving mobile calls, texts or using data. Our Engineers are working to identify the problem and resolve it as soon as possible. We apologise to those customers affected and will be updating progress regularly.”

O2 Service Status 1307701272088 O2 network down again in London