If you’ve been to a festival or large open-air event, you will know that keeping your mobile phone charged can be a potential nightmare.

Solutions have come in the form of independent companies setting up camps and charging fesitval-goers to power their smartphones so that they could remain contactable and use them to snap photos of their favourite bands.

However, one truck looks set to change all that.

The Vodafone VIP recharging truck is heading to 11 festivals this year, offering Vodafone customers with the opportunity to charge their mobile devices, completely free of charge. The 44 tonne vehicle can charge 2,000 devices at any one time (as quickly as it would at home) and is expected to charge over 72,000 mobile devices this summer alone.

If you’rea Vodafone customer at a festival and you own an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Nokia device, this is what you need to look out for. For more information about the events it will be available at visit http://vodafone.co.uk/vip.


Our friends at ElectricPig got a cool video tour, showing you how it all works: