A new trial aimed at tackling online bullying will see Thames Valley Police start sending warning messages to users found to be harassing other members of the popular social networking website Facebook.

The Telegraph reports that the Police will warn cyber bullies that they are breaking the law and could face investigation should the behaviour continue, alerting the parents with a letter that their child is harassing other members of the website.

By flagging improper behaviour early, Police hope that users will be reminded about the consequences of their actions, identifying and limiting a persons ability to bully people online and guide them away from more serious repercussions if harassment was to continue unabated.

The scheme will rely on young volunteers and teachers working with Thames Valley Police officers to highlight cases of bullying, prompting the team to investigate what has been written and issue warnings should it be found they are breaking the law.

If the trial is successful, it could see the scheme rolled out across the South East as soon as May.