London PhD student Anil BawaTNW Thumb 4S3 260x185 Londons FourSquare Location Data Mapped [Infographic]-Cavia, has put together an intriguing infographic mapping the check-in data from London’s FourSquare community.

From 162,060 checkins, Anil has plotted the locations on to a map of London, matched up the ‘hot’ areas with nearby venues, placed them into categories and displayed them on a lovely infographic that can be found below!

Some of the most popular locations for users to check in to include the O2 Arena, Camden Lock, Regents Park and the Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

The most visited night life spots for ‘FourSquarers’ are the aforementioned Hospital Club in Covent Garden, the Old Fountain on Old Street and the Dove Freehouse on Broadway Market.

So if your in London or visiting soon, you know where to go for drink if you want the surroundings of like minded FourSquare users!

Click on the image below for a larger version:

LDN foursquare web21 500x350 Londons FourSquare Location Data Mapped [Infographic]