12 Year Old Brit In Hot Water For Crazed FarmVille Shopping Spree

12 Year Old Brit In Hot Water For Crazed FarmVille Shopping Spree

A 12 year old Brit seems to have gone on a shopping spree on Facebook’s popular online game Farmville. It was reported that the boy spent over £900 using all of his savings and the rest spilling over to mothers credit card all without her knowledge.

So far it is very unlikely that the mother will get reimbursed by the game company or by her credit card company, unless of course she presses criminal charges against her son; which is even more unlikely… I doubt that this twelve year old will be touching Facebook or a computer till college, or until he has his own credit card of course. Facebook removed the young boys account because of just that, he is too young to have an account.

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The boy did have a chance to explain himself, and this is all he had to say.

“…they had brought out good stuff that I wanted.”

I can understand the temptation of getting all the extra features on Farmville, but spending that amount of money on “virtual” items is just insane. If you have a child or relative that’s addicted to Farmville, make sure you don’t leave your wallet too close by!

(via:Yahoo Games UK)

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