Twitter is preparing to launch an office in social media-crazy Indonesia, which will become its second in Southeast Asia and fifth in the Asia Pacific region.

Twitter’s Global President of Revenue and Partnerships Adam Bain told The Wall Street Journal (paywall) that the office will open within the next six months and will be based in capital city Jakarta.

Indonesia has been called a ‘world social media capital’ and, with 20 million active Twitter users there, Bain believes there is vast potential. “You see the size of the audience there and how they’re using Twitter, and it’s super-invigorating,” he told the Journal.

The office will focus on sales and business development as Twitter aims to turn its local popularity into revenue. While three-quarters of Twitter’s users reside outside of the US, the company still makes the majority of its revenue from the US — that makes pushing out into emerging markets entirely logical.

Image via 世書 名付 / Flickr