Being verified on Twitter is like being allowed beyond the velvet rope at a fancy virtual nightclub. You really want it, then once you’re inside, your first reaction is usually, “this is it?”

Well for the special snowflakes that have been blessed by the blue checkmark of Twitter (full disclosure, I’m verified on Twitter), the social network has introduced two new mobile features for you.

0813 twitter2 220x330 Twitter for mobile now alerts verified accounts when they follow each other because theyre ever so specialFirst, on iOS and Android you can be notified whenever another verified account follows you. Which is actually helpful for accounts with large numbers of followers (like a celebrity) that want to be made aware when someone without an egg avatar starts following them. It’ll be nice to know when Taye Diggs starts following you.

Second, you now have the option to view only your verified followers — also helpful for accounts with a large amount of followers. Unfortunately for Android users, it’s only available for iOS right now.

But for accounts like mine, it’s just another way to feel extra special in the VIP section of club 140 Characters.

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