Dual-platform crash-reporting tool Crashlytics has announced Answers, an analytics tool for iOS and Android apps that have been deployed or are in beta. The new feature helps developers measure growth, engagement and retention.

The Crashlytics dashboard tracks app data while in beta and after being launched in the Google Play and iTunes App Store. With Answers, developers can now see vital information about how their apps are performing for engagement and stability. The dashboard looks similar to the analytics used by Web sites to track user visits.


The feature tracks app data and will alert developers when a pattern seems amiss. This is especially helpful when an app update is experiencing crashes and the only user feedback developers usually receive is poor reviews. Answers and other Crashlytics features help those developers determine what the problem is and at what point in a user’s session a crash occurs.

The Twitter-owned Crashlytics is available for free and the new Answers feature is already built into the service’s SDK.