Twitter now notifies users when someone favorites a tweet they were mentioned in. Yes, this may seem like a minor change, but it expands Twitter’s existing notification system and gives users a deeper understanding of what’s happening beyond their direct connections.

Now, with this change in place, when another user mentions you in a tweet and that tweet gets ‘favorited,’ you’ll be notified. Previously, users only received notifications when their own tweets were favorited. It appears this update began rolling out as early as June 17th.

Here’s an example of the new notification:


This update falls in line with Twitter’s investments in analytical services like Crashlytics, and nudges the service into Google Alerts territory. We’ve reached out to Twitter in regards to this change and will update this story when we hear back.

Update: It appears users are also receiving notifications when another user retweets a tweet they retweeted. The madness!

Image credit: Thinkstock