Twitter has announced that its Certified Products Program, a list of companies using Twitter data in approved ways, is expanding with 11 new services targeted specifically towards international businesses across Europe, Japan and Latin America, in addition to the US.

According to Certified Products Program manager Zach N. Hofer-Shall, “Certified Products have been largely U.S.-focused,” but now Twitter is “extending the program’s global footprint.”

More specifically, Twitter has added the following tools and services: BrandwatchBuzzFinderCuratorrEngage ManagerFlowicsNTT DATAOfferpopScupTRUE TELLER SocialDeskSocialGuide Intelligence, and Wayin.

This is the second time Twitter has expanded its program since launching it in August 2012. In January, Twitter added nine companies, including Adobe Social, Sprout Social and Simply Measured. In total, the program now contains 33 companies, and Twitter details that it “will continue to grow with small quarterly classes.”

As we’ve previously detailed, the Certified Products Program is more than just a marketing tool for these partners and for companies looking to use Twitter data more effectively; it’s how Twitter shows developers what it wants them to build. That means no clients, or anything else that duplicates functionality.

Image credit: Charles “Skip” Martin