Twitter has announced that it will release a native Firefox OS client in time for the launch of Mozilla’s upcoming mobile operating system later this year.

According to Twitter, the app will be in the Firefox Marketplace by the time the first Firefox OS handsets ship. The company showed off the interface for the app, which includes Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs, much like its other apps. It will also include a unique feature of Firefox OS: Web Activities. Users will be able to tweet directly from supported apps, such as the built-in photos app.

twitter for firefox 2

Mozilla is showing off Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week after revealing the platform’s first devices, which come from ZTE and Alcatel.


It also announced two new handset partners, LG and Huawei, and over a dozen new carrier partners. Sony has also lent its support to the fledgeling operating system this week with the announcement that it will release a Firefox OS handset in 2014.

Twitter’s support for Firefox OS is a significant win for Mozilla. At this point, a native Twitter client is a must have for any mobile operating system that’s aiming for widespread adoption.

In addition to Twitter, other software partners have come on board to support the Firefox Marketplace: AccuWeather, Airbnb, Box, Cut the Rope, Disney Mobile Games, EA games, Facebook, Nokia’s HERE maps and Soundcloud.

Photo credit: KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/Getty Images