Twitter has announced a long-awaited update to its official app for Windows Phone which brings its design in line with the apps for other platforms like iOS, Android and the web. The new design features the Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs that you’ve come to recognize.

The new version of the app also features universal Tweet and search buttons which allow for access to those functions on any tab anywhere in the app. The new design still matches the aesthetic of Windows Phone 8 but also retains the 4-tab arrangement that has become common on its apps for other platforms.

Twitter for WP 1

Support for Live Tiles finally arrives, letting you pin whole Twitter accounts or just lists and searches to your start screen.

This marks an update a long time in coming, as the previous Twitter for Windows Phone app was significantly underdesigned and underpowered compared to the apps on other platforms. Twitter has said that an app for Windows is under development but it still has yet to arrive.

You can grab the Twitter for Windows Phone update now.

Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images