Today Twitter announced changes to its mobile user interface. The company is revamping its mobile search technology to better allows users on the go to find the content and information useful to them, by expanding what sort of data can be surfaced.

The updated interface will include, in a single stream, photographs, individual tweets, and even relevent accounts. This, the company notes, is similar to what can be found in the Discover stream, which has been rebuilt as a single feed, helping users on iOS and Android devices flick through various sorts of content.

Here’s the updates in action:


By expanding what can be searched for, Twitter will assist users to better discover sources of information, such as a user who discusses a topic, and not just a single tweet of information. It’s a way to learn past the 140 character limit.

Also announced today is an update to ‘Connect,’ which will now default to the ‘Interactions’ view, showing the user their running tally of new retweets, mentions, and followers. Users can move this new default back to a mention-only view if they so desire. Finally, Twitter has revamped the management of links, removing a click in the user flow from tweet to website.

The new apps are in the Google Play and App Store marketplaces.

Top Image Credit: Shawn Campbell