After initially testing the feature last week, Twitter has announced that it has begun rolling out the option to download Tweets to all users, with the feature gradually becoming available in the accounts of more users from today.

Twitter says the project was built during one of its quarterly ‘Hack Weeks,’ but has been now tweaked and engineered to a point where it can be made available to all Twitter users.

At the weekend, the company told The Next Web that it testing the feature with “a very small percentage” of users, allowing archives to be downloaded and uploaded to a local or web server.

If you’re wanting to go back over the very first Tweets you ever sent, you can acces the feature in your profile settings. If the feature has been enabled in your account, you can hit the ‘Request your archive’ button and download your personal collection of Tweets.

Twitter says that a small percentage of users with their language set to English will see the option first, gradually coming to other users around the world in the “coming weeks and months.”

Ensuring that doesn’t over-promise and under-deliver, it notes that whilst it is “really excited to bring this feature to everyone,” it asks users to be patient “as we work to do so.”

Image Credit: Damien Meyer/Getty