Twitter has updated its BlackBerry app to version 4.0 this morning, bringing support for its Connect tab. The Connect view displays mentions, retweets, favorites and follows in one stream.

Just like the iPhone version, you can now filter by mentions or replies to just see one or the other. The new app also features an expanded Discover tab which now shows Twitter trends, ‘who to follow’ suggestions and better category browsing.

Unfortunately, this update also moves direct messages, lists and favorited tweets to the Me tab, burying them just like they are in the apps for iPhone and Android. This isn’t too surprising, as Twitter has been working to make all of its various apps work the same way, but it’s a bad DM experience on those other platforms too. It’s hard to see when you have new ones and hard to access them. But it’s indicative of the second-class-citizen nature of private messaging on Twitter, a network that prefers all of your updates to be public.

You can grab the updated app here.

Image Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images