Twitter has announced via its official blog that the new profile setup which includes an avatar and a header photo will be rolled out to everyone on December 12th. Previously only a subset of users had access to the new look.

The new profile look features a user’s Twitter avatar sitting on top of a wide header image. Thew new design has made headway into turning your Twitter profile into a ‘home page’ of sorts that displays media you’ve shared, tweets you’ve made and more. Those changes make it feel less like a stream of text and more like a place to collect everything you share.

The new header photo image capability is explained by this clever video Twitter released back in November:

The new profiles were announced by Twitter on the Today Show, an interesting venue for what was arguably an incremental design change. But the shift makes sense, as the pre-profile image design already feels very ‘dry’ and data-base-ey to me when I look at it. If Twitter wants to sell itself as a media service for people, it needs to make it feel much less nerdy.

Image Credit: RODRIGO BUENDIA/Getty Images