Twitter has improved its geo-targeting options for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts, the company announced on its Advertising blog.

As from today, marketers can focus on users that are based in several major areas in the UK and Japan, as well as in additional US states. Newly added Japanese regions include the Tokyo region (Kanto), Osaka area (Kinki) and Nagoya area (Chubhu).

Here’s what it means for advertisers, as Twitter’s Product Manager April Underwood explains:

“You will be able to make use of these new geo-targeting options in conjunction with targeted Tweets. This combination will enable you to deliver Promoted Tweets tailored to regional audiences.

For example, retailers can use Promoted Tweets to promote distinct offers to users in Manchester and London, or a US statewide political campaign could focus its Promoted Accounts campaigns precisely where a candidate is running for office.”

While this is a small addition, this confirms the growing importance of advertising and monetization in Twitter’s strategy. It also shows that the company will use its global reach to offer brands a local, targeted advertising option all around the world.

Image credit: Topgold