7 Ugly Twitter Birds

7 Ugly Twitter Birds

The original Twitter bird was designed by the English born, Japan-based illustrator Simon Oxley, an artist who has created thousands of whimsical illustrations, but is best known for the simple, black logo on the infamous microblogging network.

There have been hundreds of vector image renditions of the Twitter bird, mostly created using Adobe Illustrator. There have been fat birds, French Twitter birds, jail birds, British birds, dead birds, even sexy Twitter birds. But until today, I had never seen so many ugly Twitter birds. Ugly birds that are still, somehow, pretty cute.

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All of the following images are from DesignContest, a platform that allows users to create logos, twitter backgrounds and other design projects in the form of contests. DesignContest encourages browsers to choose a bird whose name and character reflects theirs in some way. So, which ugly Twitter bird are you?









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