We’ve seen plenty of people use very creative ways to get hired in the past but this latest effort using Twitter is one of the best yet. It uses a clever hack where the user basically created five different twitter accounts with the words “Hire Us” appearing on the person’s profiles.

You’ll have to watch the video (first spotted here) to understand a little better how it works but it is a genius idea and fundamentally simple at heart. This particular person was targeting creative directors so Twitter was the perfect medium although the only one drawback that I can see is that you would have to be using Twitter.com to notice the technique as it wouldn’t work on any of the apps or mobile versions. Still it sounds as if the person got hired and once creative directors did spot the “Hire Us” invite they were redirected to a profile where in the timeline were videos of all their latest creative work.

It’s amazing just how far people will go to get a job these days and so refreshing to see people thinking beyond the old fashioned CV.

sz Well this is one of the cleverest ways weve seen someone use Twitter to get hired