If you’re following far too many people on Twitter and want a bit of help trimming down the numbers, ManageFlitter is perfect for the job. Now the service is targeting high volume Twitter users with a $12 per month ‘Pro’ option.

We first looked at this tool when it launched last year under the trademark-bothering name Manage Twitter. Thirteen months on, it remains an incredibly useful tool for identifying people you follow who, for example, haven’t tweeted in a while.

The new Pro accounts offer additions like unlimited follows/unfollows (the free option has a maximum of 1000 per day); extra filters; the option to quickly follow people who have recently replied to, or DMed, you. You’ll also receive detailed reports of who has followed and unfollowed you.

While some may say these tools go against the spirit of Twitter, anyone who has ever managed a corporate account on the microblogging service would probably disagree. ManageFlitter has given us 50 free Pro accounts to give away to our readers. Simply click here and sign up to claim six months’ free access.