Foursquare launched a new HootSuite app to help businesses manage their venue listings on the location-based check-in and recommendation service.

Developed by 6kites, the Foursquare for Business app gives HootSuite users the ability to monitor the most recent check-ins at their venue and also view, like and share the comments left by their customers.

Users can set up a column in HootSuite to view the current mayor for their stores, update the details for their venue, create status updates and track the current offers that they’re holding at their venue.


The hope is that marketers and small business owners will be able to track the feedback from their visitors, adjust their campaigns accordingly and then use the HootSuite dashboard to promote these changes through multiple social networks simultaneously.

The Foursquare for Business app is available right now, but won’t replace the existing consumer-focused HootSuite app, which gives Foursquare users the ability to review their check-ins and those of their friends in a single stream.

HootSuite | Foursquare for Business

Image Credit: HootSuite/Flickr