As a member of the Graph Bar and Chart Fetish society, Simply Measured constantly makes my dreams come true. If you are a Vine user, and who isn’t aside from your humble servant, you want to see how well your short clips are performing on social channels, don’t you?

Of course you do. Enter Vine Tweet Analysis, a rather blockishly named product that will scan your Vines, and ship you a report in 12 hours detailing precisely how good you are at Twitter’s latest product.

Given the lag, I can’t show you the report that I had generated on @Panzer’s Vining, but here’s a sample issue of @ChrisBrogan’s use of the social tool [Note: this is but one graphical features that are contained therein]:


The more you know, the better you can perform, usually. In this case, however, the data is more for fun.

Simply Measured, a company that TNW has covered for years, recently raised $8 million in new capital for its larger analytics product. The Vine tool is free, but will require you to fire out a tweet that you can delete.

Top Image Credit: Orin Zebest