UPDATE: At 11.48am EST, almost five hours after the outage was first reported, Foursquare tweeted that the service is back up and running. May your check-ins resume!

Have you tried to visit the Foursquare website or load one of its mobile apps this morning, only to find they are inaccessible? You’re not the only one – the company has confirmed that it is suffering an outage that has seen the service go down for more than three hours – and counting.

At 7am EST, the Foursquare team took the company’s status blog to confirm the site was down and they were investigating. An hour and a half later, the team was still unaware of what was plaguing the site and its apps, noting that they were “working to identify the cause of the outage” and would have an update soon.

The following update is yet to come, but at the time of writing, and both the iOS and Android apps and the website display the following errors:

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 15.20.48

Log-in Foursquare

We have contacted Foursquare for more information on the outage and will update the post should we receive a response.

Image Credit: nanpalmero/Flickr