It’s been a biggish day so far for announcements in the tech sphere, and LinkedIn has just made a not-so-insignificant announcement of its very own.

The professional social network has rolled out a new notifications feature, which lets you know – in real-time – when someone likes something you shared on LinkedIn, views your profile, accepts your invitation, among other things.

What will you see? Well, similar to a Facebook notification you’ll see a little flag at the top of your screen, as well as a new Inbox envelope icon.
A red circle appears when you have something new – this could be comments, likes, an accepted connection request, new inMails…whatever.

“This new feature is all part of our ongoing effort to make it easier to keep engaging discussions going with your network,” says the company in its announcement.

At the moment, this feature is restricted to the browser-based version, but LinkedIn notifications will be arriving for mobile device, including Android, iPhone and iPad in the future.

This feature is rolling out today, but it may take a few weeks for it to reach your account.

Feature Image Credit – The Nick Page | Flickr