LinkedIn is working on a solution to help non-profit organizations find new members, the professional network’s founder and chairman Reid Hoffman revealed today. The announcement was made during an on-stage conversation with Jeff Jarvis at The Guardian Activate New York summit, which we will be covering all day.

This isn’t the first time that LinkedIn has committed to promoting social good. A few months ago, it launched a profile section called “Volunteer Experience & Causes,” which gives members a chance to add their non-profit experience to their professional identity. This initiative is part of ‘LinkedIn For Good,’ which hopes to “leverage [LinkedIn] network’s unique assets to make a difference, and will likely encourage members to use their skills to change the world.”

During his talk today, Hoffman insisted that LinkedIn’s projects are very different from the ‘goodwashing’ we too often see. “We are not trying to do this to issue press releases,” he said. “As a matter of fact, this is simply the continuation of our product; what we do is to match people and organizations, and in that case those organizations are non-profits.”

While the launch date of this new solution remains to be confirmed, we are certainly curious to see how it will work – and hopefully help volunteers and social organizations to connect online.