Over the years, Twitter has seen its fair share of marriage proposals, but Mike Duerksen may be the first person to use Twitter to live-tweet his proposal.

Using the hashtag, #MikeProposes, Duerksen took his girlfriend on a 12-hour date, involving 8 different locations, each with a special meaning.

Without her knowing, he had brought the entire Twitterverse along with them for the ride. According to the Winnipeg Sun, he also gained hundreds of followers in the process.

There was no risk of his girlfriend finding out about the proposal ahead of time since she doesn’t use Twitter, which she describes as “Facebook for geeks“. It all started with the following tweet:

Using Twitter and Instagram, Duerksen kept his followers in the loop, during each stage of the date, letting them know all sorts of details about how the couple met, what they were up to and more, not that it went unnoticed by his girlfriend, identified only as ‘J’.

That didn’t deter him, as he continued to post updates, and even shared a picture of the ring on Instagram:

And the final tweet of the date, in case you were wondering, was:

If you missed the proposal and want to catch up on all of the action, the Winnipeg Free Press has put together an awesome Storify post with all of Duerksen’s tweets, as well as the many messages of encouragement he got along the way: