Do us a favour. Go to Smart Car’s official Twitter account for Argentina. Looking at their first few tweets, you’d think that a kid got in there and had at it with the keyboard. In reality, their social media team has come up with a genius little bit of marketing that required nothing more than a bit of creativity, some ASCII art and a lot of patience.

After you’ve loaded the page, hold down the ‘J’ button on your keyboard and see what happens. Scrolling down the page, you’ll see a bit of digital art come to life, much in the same vein of those little flip books we used to play with as kids.

smartcar Now heres one really Smart use of Twitter

Smart Car takes you on a little Twitter-powered ride, through a town complete with houses, a church, trees, and you’ll even hit some traffic, in what the company describes as the ‘first Twitter commercial’.

Things like this are a reminder of just how flexible Twitter is as a tool, and there’s really no end to how innovative you can get with keeping your followers entertained.

You can also see the entire ride in action in the video below:

➤ Hat-tip Ryan Sarver