The march towards merging all of Google’s products continues, and this time it’s Google Contacts that’s getting the social treatment.

The Google Contacts team announced last night that address book information will start being displayed on your friends Google+ profiles, if you have them stored.

This is a pretty handy update and doesn’t require you to add or remove any information on your end, since the details are completely populated from the visitors Google Contact account.

Many of you, like me, use Google Contacts to manage your personal address book ( If that’s the case, then starting today we’ll include this contact info on your friends’ Google+ profiles — for your eyes only, of course.

This way, if you have your roommate’s new phone number in Google Contacts, it’ll also be available when you stop by his profile. Just look for the new “Details from Google Contacts” section.

There are no privacy concerns as this only shows up for the viewer, which is a more secure way to handle this information than Facebook does. Facebook lets users optionally share their contact information and then choose who they can display it to.

It’s becoming clearer that Google is starting to use its services in harmony, rather than make us jump from one browser tab to another like we’ve had to do previously.