Hold onto your (virtual) hats,  Facebook is having yet another special event to announce something ahead of Web 2.0 Summit. Yep, Monday morning at 10 AM Mark Zuckerberg will be telling us about something grand and wonderful I’m sure. Now, the question is…

What could it be?

We just had the whole mobile, Places and Deals announcement, what’s left?

I’m taking a wild, purely speculative grab here and saying it’s going to be about email.

Note the airmail envelope style in the invite? The Facebook Messaging icons there too? Maybe Facebook is going to take a stab at Gmail and offer Facebook mail with ginormous amounts of space, integration into clients, maybe even IMAP or POP3 access. Yeah, why not? Facebook messages are the one place to send me information if you want it to die a slow and ignored death. It’s the one thing I hate most about Facebook, that the messages are totally disconnected from how I manage email.

That’s my guess…your turn!