There comes a time in every young blog’s life…well ok, so not every blog. But there comes a time in many blogs lives where they grow up and it’s time to move on from being hosted on for one reason or another. Previously, you could take your content with you but traffic to your domain would just hit your old site unless you did some voodoo and tattooed the WordPress logo to your forehead.

According to a new blog post over at, there is a whole new service for those who have decided to migrate over to a self-hosted blog:

Purchasing the Offsite Redirect upgrade will take the traffic coming to your old blog and forward it to your new domain so that links to your old content won’t break and you won’t take an SEO hit as a result of your move. Oh, and unlike the old domain mapping/DNS workaround, the signup process is easy as pie.

So there  you have it, folks. Not really a lot else to say, other than it’s a welcome addition to those who will be trying to avoid issues as they migrate away from the service. Kudos to you, This is a class move.